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FieldCenter for Mobile Mapping

FieldCenter provides map-driven spatial data capture as part of the mobile business workflow in forms applications such as surveys, audit sheets, asset management, and inspection forms. This can facilitate the collection of meaningful spatial data correlated to other business intelligence data being collected, such as digital photos and video.

Following Cortex’s philosophy of simplicity, the intuitive mapping component can be easily added to mobile forms without programming. GIS information is delivered in an easy to use format with intuitive menus and simple map displays, so mobile workers only require minimal training to view and markup maps and upload the collected data back to the FieldCenter server.

Any enterprise with a mobile workforce that needs to view, add and update spatial data can use FieldCenter's GIS capabilities. It is particularly suited to industries such as government, transport, utilities, emergency services, military, and environmental.
  • Transport: Bridge, sidewalk, sign, and vehicle inspections
  • Utilities: Meter reading; fire hydrant inspection; vegetation management
  • Government: Tree, parcel and building inspections
  • Military: Facilities management; logistics planning and operations
  • Environmental: Compliance auditing; incident documentation

Easily created customized applications
Mobile business workflows can be streamlined by automating existing paper forms data collection processes. Costs and data turnaround times can be reduced while data quality is vastly improved.

Easy to use interface
Intuitive applications mean mobile workers need minimal training, and no IT or specialist knowledge is needed.

GPS integration
Capture accurate data from the field using integrated or Bluetooth GPS receiver data. FieldCenter supports many GPS-enabled Windows Mobile devices including Trimble, TDS, Juniper Systems,

Sync-n-go mode
Mobile workers can synchronize public or private map data to their PDA to have the latest data in the field.

Support for vector and raster data
Multiple industry-standard file types are supported.

Markup tools
Plans and maps can be marked up with points, lines and polygons, for flexible spatial data capture.