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FieldCenter for Mobile Surveys

Mobile surveys are a powerful data collection tool for sales lead capture, mobile marketing initiatives, demographic data collection, public opinion polls, and other business initiatives where mobile data capture is needed. Though valuable, mobile surveys can be time-consuming and inefficient when paper forms are used. For improving the efficiency of mobile surveys, Cortex Software offers FieldCenter Survey, providing a more efficient and cost-effective method for collecting mobile survey data using handheld PDAs instead of paper forms.

FieldCenter Survey enables better mobile data collection by implementing surveys on PDAs, allowing survey data to be transmitted from any location to a central server over a secure internet connection. FieldCenter’s PDA surveys work offline (unlike web-based surveys) so they can be used anywhere without requiring a live internet connection, and without any connectivity concerns.

FieldCenter’s PDA surveys offers benefits over paper-based surveys such as:

  • Elimination of manual data re-entry;
  • Data validation at the PDA level for improved accuracy;
  • The ability to modify surveys on-the-fly (even after data has been collected);
  • Integrated data analysis and reporting in the web-based dashboard;
  • Reduced reporting turnaround times with near-time reporting capability;