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FieldCenter for Mobile Inspections

Cortex Software offers FieldCenter for Mobile Inspection, providing a system for improving mobile inspection processes over a wide range of specializations such as health & safety inspection, infrastructure inspection, bylaw compliance inspection, fire safety inspection, and other mobile inspection processes where data has historically been recorded on paper inspection forms.

FieldCenter enables the creation of digital forms for PDAs, thus replacing inefficient paper inspection reports. It facilitates secure data communication with a central server, compiling data into a comprehensive structure, generating reports on field data and inspection compliance levels, and alerting to areas where inspection compliance is sub-standard.

FieldCenter improves mobile inspection processes by:

  • Reducing inspection time & increasing organization;
  • Reducing data communication costs (e.g. printing and shipping paper forms);
  • Speeding up the communication of inspection data from the field to head office;
  • Capturing rich data such as photos & videos;
  • Enabling modification of inspection forms on-the-fly, at any time;
  • Ensuring inspectors complete forms on location, using GPS location stamps;
  • Storing inspection forms in a comprehensive, enterprise-wide system;
  • Generating reports on inspection data, including non-compliance.