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FieldCenter for Insurance

Field inspection reports are a critical component of the insurance industry, yet often require cumbersome paper forms completion in the field, combined with data re-entry at the office to get the job done.

PDA inspection photos

FieldCenter provides the ability to streamline in-the-field loss control and insurance inspections using customizable PDA-based forms, integrated digital photo, video and drawing documentation, signature capture, secure wireless data sync, and the ability to integrate data into your backend systems. The FieldCenter PDA-based inspection solution reduces the time required per inspection, eliminates data re-entry, speeds up data turnaround time, and reduces paper overhead.

At the core of the solution is the FieldCenter web application, where you can replicate your current paper inspection forms simply by point-and-click, without programming. These form templates provide intuitive data entry screens that are easy for your inspectors to use. They can sync data wirelessly from the field, or can connect their PDA to a wired internet connection at the end of the day to transmit their completed forms including any photos or videos that were captured.

Insurance inspection data is available across the enterprise in the FieldCenter web application, where administrative users can view completed inspection forms and generate reports on the data. Access to real-time reports can be granted to your partner organizations. Data can also be integrated with other backend systems with minimal effort.