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FieldCenter for Healthcare and Biosciences

As the healthcare and bioscience industries continue to advance, so does the technology that enables them. FieldCenter is a proven, secure PDA (Pocket PC) based platform that provides handheld data collection capabilites to these industries, to increase the efficiency of remote or mobile activities, and eliminate inefficient paper forms.

PDA healthcare applications

Specimen Collection
Specimen collection software used on handheld PDAs speeds up the data capture procedure that is associated with the specimen collection process.

FieldCenter specimen collection software for handheld wireless mobile computers also helps eliminate errors at the point of care. This improves patient safety in addition to reducing the financial ipad mini cases uk implications by preventing specimen collection mistakes before they happen.

FieldCenter's encrypted data transmission and storage ensures all specimen-related data is safe and secure.

Home Healthcare
Cortex Software provides FieldCenter for Home Healthcare as a base PDA forms platform for the growing mobile healthcare industry. This industry solution includes customizable base PDA forms such as:

  • Home Safety Checklist
  • Observations Checklist
  • Patient Update (Status Change)
  • Resume Care Order
  • Consent for Services
  • Entitlement Verification Sheet
  • Employee Incident Report