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FieldCenter for Energy & Infrastructure

FieldCenter for Energy & Infrastructure is a web and PDA-based solution that replaces the inefficient paper-based reporting required in Oil & Gas industry field operations. It allows field workers to easily navigate handheld forms and collect data such as photos, videos, GPS, barcodes and signatures, all within simple, intuitive forms on the PDA. Time is saved, workers are more accountable and more useful data is collected into a system available throughout the company.

Once data is synchronized from the PDA either wirelessly or connected to a computer, it's instantly available in the FieldCenter web application in an organized and easily searchable format. Reports can quickly be created, forms can be batch printed at the central office, and integrating collected data with other systems can be easily accomplished.

FieldCenter for Energy & Infrastructure base forms include:

  • Installation Report
  • Daily Progress Report
  • Inspection Report
  • Materials Control Sheet
  • Work Permit
  • Work Order Completion Notification
  • Clean-Up Checklist
  • Safety Checklist
  • Near Miss Report
  • Incident Report
  • Grade Confirmation Sheet
  • Ground Disturbance Checklist