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Product Features

The FieldCenter Platform
Web-based form authoring tool for enterprise-wide access
Web-based dashboard for enterprise-wide reporting access
Ability to provide real-time reports beyond enterprise
Manage users and user groups
Manage locations and territories
Centrally manage mobile devices and device settings
Form Authoring
Set fields as required
Set default value for fields
User-defined XML field names
Clone (copy & paste) forms
Clone (copy & paste) fields
Modify forms & fields at any time
Field Types
Caption (No data entry)
Single-response choice (dropdown box)
Multiple-response choice (checkbox list)
Free-form text
Date & time select
Date & time stamp
Email address (with validation)
Signature capture
Photo capture (& display)
Video capture (& playback)
Audio capture (& playback)
GPS location stamp
Mapping interface (points, lines & polygons on map files)
Barcode scan
Magnetic card swipe
RFID tag read
Data Reporting
View all data in grid format
View data at form level
Generate visual charts on quantitative data
Filter data by date range
Filter data by mobile user or user groups
Filter data by site or site groups
Group, sort, filter, and search all data
Data management
Long-term data storage
Export data as Excel XLS
Export data as XML
Export data as PDF
XML web services for data integration
Mobile Client Software
Submit unlimited forms
Work either online or offline
Queue saved forms until ready to sync
Self-updating software receives updates in the field
Manual or scheduled data sync
Password protected, encrypted data storage on device
Manual or automatic backup to storage card on device
Data Sync
Resume interrupted syncs
SSL encrypted communication
Supported Internet Connections
Cradled to internet-connected PC
Wireless cellular network (requires data plan from carrier)
Wireless LAN (WiFi®)
Direct LAN connection
Supported Hardware
Built-in camera support for photo & video capture
Internal and Bluetooth® GPS receivers supported
Integrated barcode scanners (Motorola, Intermec)
Snap-in barcode, RFID, mag-stripe readers (Socket Mobile, Motorola)
Bluetooth® barcode/RFID scanners (Socket Mobile, Motorola)